Protect Your Customers During Winter

We provide snow plowing services in Dodge Center, Kasson & Byron, MN

Snow and ice are slipping hazards that endanger anyone on any property. You might even get sued for a customer's bad fall if you don't keep it reasonably clear. Protect your business from liability with the help of Corey's Outdoor Services in Dodge Center, Kasson and Byron, MN. You can come to us for snow plowing services for your property. We also provide this service for residents who want help clearing their driveways and sidewalks.

Speak with a team member at 507-951-5207 today for snow plowing services.

Use granular ice melts to withstand harsh weather conditions

Granular ice melts, simply known as salts, are widely used to combat snow and ice throughout the Midwest. If you want to take a stand against winter weather, consider hiring Corey's Outdoor Services to spread granular ice melts around your property.

You'll appreciate that our salts can...

  • Work quickly to remove ice
  • Penetrate tightly packed snow
  • Make it easier to plow your surfaces
  • Last longer than traditional snow deterrents

Prepare your property for the next big snowstorm - contact us today to find out more about our granular ice melts in Dodge Center, MN.